Choose a Security Door That Has Been Custom Made in Australia

Why Should I Choose a Security Door That Has Been Custom Made in Australia?

If you’re considering installing a security door, choosing one that has been custom-made for your home in Australia is a great choice! But why and how is it an advantage to choose a door that has been custom designed in Australia, and which doors should I consider?

Home security starts at your front door so ensuring that you have installed a quality security door can be a great way to protect your household and ensure that your family and possessions are protected against the threat of a break-in. There’s a huge range of security doors available in Australia, so it can be very difficult to work out which one will best suit your home’s design and security needs. Here’s why it’s important to choose a door that has been custom-made in Australia. For the safety and security of your property contact Conveyancing Brisbane they will guide you best.

Why is it important that a security door should be made in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines?

If a product is made in Australia it is usually an indication that is high quality and designed to last. Products that are locally manufactured must comply with guidelines that are often much stricter than overseas requirements. Our strict regulations mean that as a consumer you can have more confidence in a product that has been manufactured in Australia.

If a security door has Australian Standards approval, it means that it has met or exceeded a thorough testing procedure to ensure structural integrity and strength against a range of simulated forced entry attempts. A door that has been made in compliance with Australian Standards testing will be able to withstand considerable force, such as being pried open with a crowbar, using heavy body force to jar the lock loose, or using a knife to slash the screen of the door. Australian Standards tests also assess how well the door will last in corrosive conditions which is an important durability factor for homes located along with Australia’s salt swept coastline.

All security doors and screens available at Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne have passed or exceeded Australian Standards testing so you can be confident that you are purchasing a quality product. Phone our friendly sales staff on 13 15 46 to learn more about which security doors and screens will best suit your home.

Why is it important for a security door to be custom-made to fit our home?

For a security door to be able to protect your home the way it has been designed to, it’s crucial that it perfectly fits in the door frame without any gaps that might compromise its ability to withstand a forced entry attempt. Customized security doors provide a superior level of protection as well as superior functionality. The craftsmanship involved in the manufacture and installation of a custom-made door will be far better than a prefabricated off-the-rack door.

 Why is it important for a security door to be professionally installed?

A professional installer will be able to measure your doorway to ensure a more exact fit within the door frame. Jim’s Security Doors offers a free measure-and-quote service in order to ensure a professional customized fit, as well as giving clients the opportunity to choose which security door is right for their home. Having your security door professionally installed is crucial because an incorrectly installed door won’t necessarily be able to protect your home the way it has been designed to.

Choosing to install a security door yourself can be a DIY disaster. Being able to achieve an exacting fit is absolutely crucial with security doors, especially if you’re measuring to install a custom-made door. An incorrectly installed security door can end up being costly if you need to replace the door or arranged to get it reinstalled. It’s also worth noting that in some cases DIY installation may void the door’s warranty.

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